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For the Final programmes and the Book of Abstracts, please see further down this page.

The ECU2024 Convention will be held from Thursday 9 May through Saturday 11 May.

On Wednesday 9 May the Research & Education Day will take place; see further below. The Convention will span the next two full days, fostering interprofessional collaboration, which aligns with the E.P.I.C. principles championed by the profession.

Amidst recent research, two critical areas have garnered attention in medical circles, with potential links to overall health: Sleep and Gut Microbiome. Understanding their relevance to Chiropractic is essential, as studies suggest a correlation between sleep deficiency and pain. Consequently, all healthcare professionals, including chiropractors, should responsibly provide guidance on good sleep hygiene.

Gut Microbiome studies have shown associations between microbiota metabolites and low back pain, with diet and exercise influencing gut microbiota. Raising awareness of this connection within the chiropractic community promotes discussions on the importance of recommending healthy diets and physical activity, a responsibility shared by all healthcare providers.

A third significant topic for discussion is the impact of the pandemic on mental health, particularly Burnout Syndrome, affecting both patients and healthcare professionals. Addressing this aspect is crucial to enhancing overall quality of life. A thorough examination of how the pandemic has affected chiropractors in education, clinical practice, and the general population should guide the profession’s efforts in contributing to mental health awareness.

In the plenary sessions, expert researchers and clinicians from diverse healthcare backgrounds will present these three topics, based on available evidence, and provide proposals for meaningful engagement.

The breakout sessions will – of course – focus on traditional chiropractic themes, designed to facilitate the practical application of acquired knowledge in daily practice.

Ricardo Fujikawa
Scientific Programme Coordinator

Research & Education Day – Thursday 9 May

The theme for Valencia 2024 is “Developing EPIC Chiropractic across Europe”.

The question for the Research & Education Day is what does that – or should that – mean for chiropractic research and chiropractic education?

In Valencia, the Research & Education Day will focus on setting SMART 10 year goals for what the chiropractic profession – researchers, research foundations, educational institutions, educators are all crucial parts of the profession – would like to see achieved by 2034.

The exact programme will depend on attendance, but the plan is that the morning sessions will focus on foundations and educational institutions sharing their current approaches, activity and ambitions. And the afternoon sessions will focus on developing those SMART 2034 goals for the profession.

If you work in theses fields, or are passionate about these fields, this is a day for you to come and share your passion.

Be part of developing the profession’s future.

Key dates

15 November 2023 Abstract submission & registration opens online
21 January 2024 23:59:59 CET EXTENDED deadline for poster abstract submissions
on or around 22 February 2024 Notifications of acceptance for on-time abstracts
31 March 2024 Deadline early registration fee 23:59:59 CEST
30 April 2024 Deadline regular registration fee 23:59:59 CEST
9 – 11 May 2024 ECU 2024 Convention


Attendance at the ECU2024 Convention is approved by the European Academy of Chiropractic for 15 CPD hours for full programme attendance. For the Researchers’ Day, 6 CPD hours have been granted. CPD points for single day attendance are not automatically to be granted. For single day attendance delegates are requested to contact the Chair of the EAC, Igor Dijkers ( for review on an exceptional basis.

A certificate of attendance stating the number of CPD points will be sent to the participants within 10 days after the Convention.

Final full programmes and Book of Abstracts

Research & Education Day – Thursday 9 May (pre-registration required)

20240501 Final programme ECU2024 Research Education Day

Convention – Friday 10 May & Saturday 11 May

20240430 ECU2024 final full programme

Book of Abstracts

ECU2024 Book of Abstracts

Day-by-day outline

For opening hours of the Registration desk, please see General information

Thursday May 9

09:00-17:30 Research & Education Day (programme can be downloaded here above)
18:00-19:30 Welcome Reception

Friday May 10

09:00-10:15 Opening and Keynote Lecture

ECU President’s welcome
AEQ President’s welcome
Keynote lecture – Bruno Hortelano
Arantxa Ortega – Presentation of the Spanish Research foundation Fujitega and it’s line of research

10:15-10:45 Break Exhibition Posters
10:45-12:30 From Plate to Pain: Decoding the Gut-Neurology Connection for Chiropractic Care

Paul Hrkal – Keynote Lecture: The Evidence-informed, Functional Medicine Approach to Harnessing the Gut-Brain Axis For Clinical Practice
Simon Billings – Neuro-inflammation: The bio-psychosocial model through the lens of evolution
Faye Deanne – The gut microbiota and pain modulation

12:30-14:00 Lunch Exhibition Posters
14:00-15:30 Luis Alvarez Galovich –
Spine Stenosis – Diagnose and Treatment from a medical perspective
Cameron Marshall -Mild Traumatic Brain Injury – A potential area of activity for Chiropractors?
(repeated at 16:00)
Research Presentations – please download the full programme for the details Inger Roug – Case presentations: Sarcopenia and osteoporosis and other cases


15:30-16:00 Break Exhibition Posters
16:00-17:30 Lumbar spinal stenosis vs. disc herniation

Carlo Ammendolia:
Degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis verses sciatica due to lumbar disc herniation: clinical features, pathological mechanisms, and chiropractic management


Faye Deane –
Food for thought: the influence of the microbiome on athletic performance

Martin Isakkson –
Functional adjusting of the hip and an evaluation of the lower extremity biomechanical chain

Cameron Marshall –
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury – A potential area of activity for Chiropractors?
SIG Paediatrics – Master Class

Sue Weber –
Concussion in children: implications of head mild traumatic brain injury in children and the chiropractic management of the pediatric patient

19:30-23:00 Spanish evening 

Saturday May 11

09:00-10:30 Pillow Talk: Decoding the Relationship Between Sleep and Pain

Adit Margaliot – Keynote Lecture: Sleep and What We Know
Jo Nijs – Pain never sleeps: Why and how to integrate sleep management in the treatment for patients with chronic pain
Carlos Gevers-Montoro – No rest, no gain: Unraveling the sleep-pain conundrum in chronic low back pain

10:30-11:00 Break Exhibition Posters
11:00-12:30 Kieran O’Sullivan –
Cognitive Functional Therapy for LBP: What is it? Does it work? Who can use it?
Russ Hornstein –
Adjusting to Neutral workshop: Resolving Spinal Stability Post-Trauma: Prioritising Stability Over Range of Motion
Leslie Haig –
Motivational Interviewing – Effective Communication
SIG Neurology – Master Class

Anna Papadopoulou – Connecting the Dots: Neurological Perspectives on Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout in Clinical Practice

12:30-14:00 Lunch Exhibition Posters
14:00-15:30 Adit Margoliot –
Sleep Hygiene for the professional and patients
Russ Hornstein –
Adjusting to Neutral workshop: Optimizing Spinal Biomechanics for Enhanced Proprioception and Autonomic Function
SIG Clinical

David Byfield, Jonathan Field, Mark Jessop, Mark Thomas –
The EPIC Management of Headaches: An interactive Workshop

Simon Billings –
Nutrition in Chiropractic Practice
15:30-16:00 Break Exhibition Posters
16:00-17:45 Breaking Bad: Understanding and Addressing Burnout Among Healthcare Professionals

Agnes Parent-Thirion – Keynote Lecture (title tba)
Elisabeth Angier – lecture title tba
Ricardo Fujikawa – Burnout Syndrome – case report

Awards & Closing